XYNN is not just music, it is a holistic artwork. Dreams and visions
of reality transformed into fireworks of light and music, masks and pantomimic inserts, movies and theatre fragments.

XYNN's stage performance is a two-hour, compressed multimedia event that claims all senses to the utmost. It is the embodiment of his dreams (nightmares), his visions, his criticism of the world.

"Fascination and disillusion: XYNN juggles with music, light and sound effects so skilful and unrestrained such as with the emotions of the audience." (PNP Feuilleton 12/1995)

Although in 1995 the techniques for shows had already refined significantly, XYNN staged his Revival-Show originally with the former technical means. Only the film projector was replaced by a video beamer.

Here, some screen shots out of the Revival-DVD ...