XYNN was one of the first performers by the side of Queen and Laurie Anderson, who translated his music into video-clips. In the beginning these staged strips were shot as a film, but soon they became realized by the new medium video.
XYNN already set them in as a projection for the back-ground in his live-shows in 1980.


01 All In One
02 Schooldays
03 Kaleidoscope Worlds
04 Jet-Set-Honey
05 Bird With Broken Wings
06 Isolated Brain
07 The Lonely Electron
08 Lost In Space

Whole run about 30 min
Digitally remastered / DVD-R
DVD incl. postage 11,90 Eur


08   XYNN Revival Show

The highlights of six XYNN-Shows.
An inspiring live-record of the Revival-Show from 1995.

Dreams and visions of the reality, translated into fireworks of light and music with masks and pantomimic inserted pieces, movie sequences and theatre fragments ...

Whole run about 107 min
Digitally remastered / DVD-R
2 DVDs, incl. postage 21,90 Eur