2009 "Das Dosierte Leben" (Review)

CD “Dreams about Reality” by XYNN (1980)
CD “Computed Man” by XYNN (1981)

Thirty years ahead – now the chance of "timely rediscovery"

It's available again, the music for every science-fiction dandy. The two discs have the hiatus, they are connected by the fusion of the first LP's outro ("Space") and the second LP's intro ("Return to Space") with the legendary line "... coming to the point of no return – TO YOURSELF!", incidentally, backed by one of the most outstanding melodies of the music history, leaving the classic genre old-looking behind.

The song "Space" comes up with the finally subjected philosophical reflexion of the text passage: "God is dead. But we have substitutes called science and progress. And we confess. We prostitute all thoughts we'd ever had. 'Cause knowledge means power. And power means money. And money means life. And life means ... and life means: To get spaced out?”
Goose bump sentences, great literature and all this combined with truthfully undying melodies.

This also applies to the unutterable, unforgettable and unerring synth riffs in "Human Computer – Computed Man", a man-machine-anthropology, which is congenially translated on the front cover, where a boy is wearing a sailor's hat and plays with a toy-marionette-robot, while on the back side the tide has turned: "Your feelings were your problems, your feelings were your fate!"

The following German song "Marionetten-Mann" plays along with the topic: "Armer Marionettenmann, der sich nicht selbst gehören kann. Träumst von der Schere, die Dich befreit. Doch diese Fäden sind Deine Wirklichkeit! - DEINE WIRKLICHKEIT!" (literally: Poor marionette man, who can not belong to himself. You dream of the scissors, which will set you free. But those strings are your reality - YOUR REALITY!).

Accordion and saxophone are used in a non-embarrassing way. Exceptionally pretty and ambiguous is also "Rhyme With You" and with "Schooldays" and "Jet-Set-Honey" are two catchy potential hits on the second album, which also keeps ready an electro stunner with brain-in-tank text reflexion ("Isolated Brain"), just as the interludesque "Lonely Electron" and the "environment-existentialism-hymn" "Radioactive Raindrops".

"Dreams About Reality" offers with "A Brandnew Day" and "C'est Comme Moi" two instantly catchy potential hits as well, whereas "Join The Party" is a hymn to join in, which would had deserved its own dance, a lively march. But just over the top is "Xynnthetic Lady", performed with vocoder, which tells about Xynndra, the silver coloured service provider for body, soul and mind.

Selffulfilling prophecys en masse! Vocoders are arguably regulated and thus genial attached for the hearing aesthetics, to underline the "earthy orbit-attitude". It's worth it to such an extent to recite the lyrics that you deplore not having them included (back then on the LPs they were, together with an unbeatable inner sleeve design) – perhaps something to consider for the XYNN-site.

So, remains one wish, that XYNN decides to produce his third LP, in whose undertow those culpably underestimated albums are going to be revealed. With the "Outro" of "Computed Man" seems at all events, that a wonderful transition is already arranged …