XYNN is the artist name of the German musician, actor and multimedia artist Michael S. Winter (born 1949).

During his school days he got involved with the alternative youth movement and was the publisher of the youth magazine "Contrapunkt". After graduation he studied at the "Akademie der Bildenden Künste" in Munich, with a focus on photography and methodical colour arrangement.

At the same time he turns towards music. He composed several folk and rock songs with socio-critical contents. As from 1973 he performed with the artist name "Pele" at various clubs. From 1975 until 1977 he was the singer and guitarist of the Munich rock band "Monopteros".

During that time the idea of an one-man-show arose which unifies all sensual perceptions into a holistic artwork. He designed a show with music and lights, words and background movies, pantomime and theatre fragments with costumes and masks, which melted into an overall view. Then from 1979 he toured with that show in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands. Marianne Sägebrecht hired XYNN for her legendary "Opera Curiosa". Concurrently thereto, he produced video clips, in which the contents of the songs were picturized.

In 1980 it came to a record contract with Phonogram. The first LP "Dreams About Reality" appeared on the Vertigo label. The arrangement undertook Kristian Schultze (Klaus Doldingers Passport). The concept album  in the style of New Wave and Progressive Rock was presented by Thomas Gottschalk on the radio show "Pop nach Acht" (Bayern 3). After the release of the second LP "Computed Man" several TV gigs ensued such as on the music shows "Okay" (ORF), "Pop Stop" (ARD) and ""Op Zicht" (Nederland1)". In 1983, he released his third album "Lost In Space" in a german and english version. XYNN was recognised by the media as "the German answer to David Bowie" and as "the first major show attraction of the 80s".

From 1982 Michael Winter worked as actor, director and author for the Munich "Iberl-Bühne" where he met his today's wife Gabriele Treiss (Monaco Franze). Simultaneously, he implemented under "XYNN-Factory" further music and video productions, cover designs and lightshows (i.a. for Curt Cress, Peter Gorski, Frank Duval and Gitte Haenning). Furthermore, he created exclusive interior in connection with paintings and sculptures.

In 1990, he founded the "MUND+ART" theatre in Ringelai where he stage-managed over 30, some very unconventional productions with the intention to bring a new artificial dimension to the encrusted genre "Volkstheater". His work was awarded with the "Bayerischer Volkstheater Preis". The most successful play penned by himself is "Silent Night", which was performed for 15 years at the western town "Pullman City".

In 1995, Michael Winter performed the XYNN-Revival-Show on stage at his theatre, which was a montage of his shows from the eighties. Thereupon, the electro-label "Gigolo" (DJ Hell) brought the XYNN-Show 2002 to the hot spot "Funky Kitchen" in Munich.

In 2016, the American label Cleopatra Records, L.A., acquired the worldwide publishing rights of all studio recordings and released a double CD titled "The Complete Anthology 1979-1983". The liner notes therefore wrote Michael Fuchs-Gamböck.

Contemporaneous Michael Winter released on its label XYNN-Factory a 2-DVD edition with the "XYNN Revival Show" of 1995.

In 2017 the radio station BR-PULS chose the title "Dreams About Reality"
for its all-time-chart "The 100 best songs from Bavaria".