Television Madness

One day passes away like every other
But what can we really take from eachother
If Sunday, if working-day
All the same
Put there a line and sum it up
Such a shame

But there's an answer to your sadness
And this is television madness

You've lost your believe to trust like a child
You rate all the world with a suspicious mind
You torture your brain with things to explain
But nevertheless
You're feeling insane, all your life is in vain
You can't get any rest

But there's an answer

So gather your children and call for your wife
Forget the last strive
Your color-tv shows how things ought to be
For an auspicious life
The showmasters grin and sweet Marilyn
Mr.Cassius Clay
The news of the day and the love-passion-play
They will take you away

This is television madness