Struggle Of Life

Oh gosh, the time has come to leave you
Sweet flush of childhood can't believe you
Your dreams created an illusion
Right now it seems to change into a mad confusion

Goodbye, my yesterday's emotions
Say Hi, contemporary notions
Farewell, Big Jim and Cinderella
I've got to sell my mind and body Rockefeller

Come on, we're facing
Another life
Get up, we join in
This hectic hive
Be quick and hurry
We will survive
But never mind 'cos this is only
Struggle of life

Take out report of graduation
Pack up my traps to follow my vocation
No time for further hesitation
I've gotta get a useful member of this nation

Come on, we're facing

All day I'm working for my money
My pay determines if it's rainy or it's sunny
Take heed to order and permission
My wants and needs controlled and caused by television

So far no problems and no troubles
There are no hurdles on the way of life, just stubbles
No mess, Big Brother supervises
But for all that I guess my life is in a crisis

Come on, we're facing