Lost In Space

Two hundred lightyears far ago
Started from earth without destination
Seventeen couples, the best of the nation
Facing the future, leaving the past
In order to contact unknown creature
Alien life, intelligent nature
Somewhere and sometimes out in space
An intergalactic arc for the message
(Universe, we are there!)

You're just a man
A grain of sand
On starry strand
Hey man
(Don't cry to get an answer)
Oh man
(Don't try to get your sense there)
A man
(A man forever lost in space)
Lost in space

Nine generations died away
The day of my birth, the determination
To carry on life for space exploration
Where is my future and where is my past
I never saw earth, I cry for a vision
A one-way computer with human ambition
Planet by planet, day by day
I have to maintain and I have to remember
(Universe, we are there!)