Keep Your Feelings

A nguish burning hot inside
Baby's eyes are open wide
Crying lonesome all the night
Darkness fills the world outside
Echoes coming from the wall
Fear's the answer to it's call
Ghastly shadows climb and fall
Hollow hearts behind that all
Take it easy baby
And make some rules up your mind
All you've got to do is to
Keep your feelings deep inside
Then you'll make it, may be
All troubles seems so far away
Show me your sweetest smile
And everything's okay
Incarnation of a lie
Jeallous-minded all you try
Key-hole looking with a sigh
Lullabyes don't satisfy
Motherless since you've been born
Narrowness your stabbing thorn
Orphan of the unicorn
Painful is your way to dawn
 Take it easy baby
Quenchless feelings let you weep
Rock your body while you sleep
Senseless sunset, senseless peep
Tearful oceans, dark and deep
Unbeloved you ought to give
Violated ought to live
Wasted womb, you can't forgive
Zest of life without believe
Take it easy baby